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Wild Birds Unlimited Builds On Strong Foundation To Continue Growth In 2016
The brand is poised to reach its goal of awarding 20 new franchise agreements this year.

With the arrival of spring, bird feeding enthusiasts are gearing up for a busy season filled with new seed and feeders. The same can be said for Wild Birds Unlimited—the expert bird feeding franchise is continuing to grow and expand its already booming business.

Right now, Wild Birds Unlimited is on pace to reach its goal of awarding 20 new franchise agreements in 2016. So far this year, the brand has opened up nine stores and eight of those are brand new units. Paul Pickett, Wild Birds Unlimited’s chief development officer, says the brand is able to continue its impressive growth rate because it knows how to cater to its customers’ needs.

“When you’re a part of a mature brand like Wild Birds Unlimited, you may not see the type of explosive growth that companies experience when they first start franchising. But what you gain is a deep understanding of your business and market,” said Pickett. “We’re always listening to what our customers want, and we’re willing to make the necessary changes to make it happen.”

That willingness to adapt to consumer needs is evident in Wild Birds Unlimited’s bottom line—the brand’s individual franchise units are performing extremely well. Same-store sales increased by nearly two percent last year, and the brand’s average gross sales for 2015 topped the $530,000 mark. That momentum is expected to keep building throughout the rest of the year thanks to a network of franchisees with an unparalleled passion for bird feeding.

“Our franchisees are intensely managing their business and are really focused on making their stores successful,” said Pickett. “They’ve done an outstanding job of reaching out to new consumers while maintaining the relationships they have with current customers. They’re completely committed to our franchise model because, to put it simply, it works.”

Wild Birds Unlimited is hoping to build on the strong foundation it’s established so far this year. The brand’s looking to introduce its concept to new prospective franchisees, and ultimately, new communities that share the same passion for bird feeding and watching.

“We're constantly reviewing all aspects of our business—we keep track of both internal and external factors that contribute to Wild Birds Unlimited’s growth. That’s why we’re equally committed to our franchisees and their customers,” said Pickett. “They’re the ones who have helped us hit the ground running over the past few months, and they’re the ones who will keep that momentum going for the rest of 2016.”

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